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Systems Integration

Integration of Industrial IoT for Manufacturing Processes and Digital Transformation.

Machine Learning and AI for Manufacturing Applications.

Quality Inspection Using Computer Vision.

Business Intelligence

At Timov we develop systems to monitor and track key deliverables within your business. We are often posed with questions like “Why isn’t our market share growing?”, “Why is our profit flatlining?”, and “How can we create efficiency in our operations?”. Through the formulation and analysis of data sets, Timov will help identify opportunities, and establish the right KPIs to solve business problems.


We can provide single or multiple dashboards, locally or in the cloud, with multiple access levels to daily, weekly, monthly or annual reporting.


At Timov, we are experts in retrieving insights from video streams in real-time through the use of our proprietary artificial intelligence and machine vision technology, which can run in the Edge or in the Cloud. We recognize unique patterns that we convert into valuable data that can be used for improving the performance of industrial/manufacturing processes, minimize risks, identify anomalies and optimize the use of assets.

Video Analytics
Data Science

Are you looking for an X factor? An improvement, optimization, or automation of your processes? Or improving customer acquisition?


Timov’s Data Science team are industry-leading experts and can determine the health of internal databases, with value-adding analytics software.

Timov has established a unique Data Research Methodology that can produce a data processing pipeline customized for your company needs. This pipeline follows guidelines of contemporary data analytics modeling that prioritize the performance, sensibility, and coherence of the data.


Timov can accelerate product, personnel, and equipment intelligence and learning within your organization. Our solutions capture and retrieve real-time behaviour and performance data of teams and equipment, allowing decision-making through the application of efficiency modelling, interconnectivity, and strategic process / design improvement.

Internet of Things
Multichannel Analytics

How will fluctuating market values impact your business? Do you need to compare or adjust your current market offering with a competitor set? How does social media or consumer or industry opinion impact your business?


Timov can help answer these questions with our Multichannel Analytics, which focuses on identifying, validating, and evaluating different sources of data from the internet. With thorough statistical analysis and data modeling techniques, we cross-reference data with business context and can visualize the results in a monitoring dashboard and/or report.

Who We Are

Timov was born of a passion for data and business intelligence. We are a team of engineers, data scientists and business developers who provide industry-leading technology solutions for our global customers.
We stand with pride as experts in our technical fields – creating and delivering value with each and every project – and hold ourselves accountable to staying on the edge of technical capability.

What We Do

Timov builds technology solutions using artificial intelligence and pattern recognition machine vision, which serves as bedrock for business intelligence, strategy, and optimization of industrial/manufacturing processes and services.
We believe in simple, interpretable outputs, and provide clear and insightful visualization to aid in decision-making. 
From easily-implementable recommendations, to advanced analytics and mapping, we can support your business at any step of a project’s journey.


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